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  • annirocbooks

Old Paper Love

There are vital messages being communicated in these old pieces of paper. It’s not something to be heard or seen through words. It’s something to be felt. Put your fingers on the binding and on the aged pages. Feel carefully…do you feel it? It’s a most infinitesimal vibration at first. Run your fingers carefully along the edges…it’s getting stronger. Focus your mind. Let all the noise of the world be the fleeting background nothingness that it is. The vibration grows. These papers, this dried ink – it was born of an explosion, a big bang if you will, in the most mysterious and alluring space in known existence, the Mind. It can never be undone; the creations will be most satisfyingly and tangibly memorialized so long as you, the steward, awesomely care for these papers that represent the infancy of those big bangs.

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