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Pre-fair jitters

I may be screaming into the interwebs void with these entries, but it’s still cathartic to a degree so let’s keep it going.

I attended my first book fair last year. It was mind bending to be around such treasures and also enjoyable to interact with some of the nicer folks in the business. I live at the upper end of the social angst chart, so the setup was a bit challenging for me. Perusing items with the proprietors hanging around was like a continuous banging on my panic flight response red button. Many sellers made attempts to lessen the awkwardness, but I still wanted to slink away – especially after not buying anything.

We will be exhibiting at the Pasadena Fair on Feb 4 and 5, 2017. My first priority is enjoying the experience, regardless of financial outcome, as this is our first live venture into the book world. Secondly, I hope we sell like mad because I think we have some books that’ll have the new owners dabbing with glee and seeing that thrill is almost as satisfying as cashing the check. Almost.

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