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Forgive any stylistic or technical flaws in the coming entries. I want to make these as genuine as possible and enhanced editing may take away from that feel.

I’m writing these entries far from a sense of self-importance, but rather from a desire to evoke in you a human connection from the revelations of my experiences in the book game. Sometimes the book-collecting world seems utterly ludicrous and other times it seems eminently rational. Books harness the writer’s experiences and knowledge of life and pass it forward to the reader. They are opportunities to gain insight about our time here. Even if you were to completely misunderstand the writer’s message, reading one sentence that compels a positive change within you is time well spent.

If you read, you’re probably at least somewhat curious about life and make attempts at introspection. We are creatures rooted in tangibility. Touching and possessing things makes our thoughts and experiences more real. Owning the works that made an impact evoke a sense of connectedness with the writer and the world at large. You’re gonna blow cash on a myriad of things throughout your life to dampen the pain of existence, so why not drop some loot on things with a bit of magic?

I began this endeavor as a collector – as most have in this field. I always enjoyed browsing the aisles of used bookshops. I began buying books with unbridled enjoyment, with little regard to monetary value, condition, or rarity. An obsession grew, and I began to buy “better” books that comported with those adjectives. A nexus occurred as I found myself with a decent collection and a burning need to leave the rat race. I know that the book world is littered with the failed aspirations of collectors wanting to turn seller. If that’s my fate, so be it, but maybe I can have some fun and do some good things along the way.

Ultimately, it’s figuratively and literally about the paper. If I present you with amazing pieces, it doesn’t matter who I am or what I’m about. You get a cool item, I make a living, and we move on. But hopefully, even if you don’t buy anything, you can enjoy some pieces that turn up in this place – an enjoyment that I haven’t yet lost whenever browsing bookstores and catalogs.

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